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Outfits of the week - Cornwall

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

As I sit here, less than a week before uni starts I am seriously reminiscing about summer, more importantly my holiday to Newquay a few weeks ago, which also reminds me about all of the outfit pictures I took and never uploaded... better late than never.

Day One:

To keep it real I would like to show you my travel outfit, as dubious I am about the cycling short trend (please don't click off ! this is a no judgement zone) they are the comfiest thing to travel in, and are perfect for if like me, you often shop in charity shops and end up with t-shirts that are too short for dresses but too long for t-shirts without tucking them in. However the sandals may have been wishful thinking as i entered newquay to a slow and steady drizzle.

Strangely enough I found my self clashing prints more openly here, at a relatively small seaside town filled with families than I did at home in Derbyshire this summer, I think I inherited the way of thinking that no body knows me so I am free to explore, as here I felt that the red/pink flowers on the midi/maxi skirt were popped perfectly by the red in this snake print jacket, after searching for a skirt all summer long that didn't cling but instead loosely hung from my body, I picked up this steal for £13.50 from topshop's vintage section, with the dual pattern it is easy to wear this skirt forwards or backwards, and the monochromatic colours mean it is easy to pair with any outfit even if skirts aren't usually your forte.

Day Two:

Here on day two we truly witness the extent to my mum's photography as I posed for an actually very well taken photograph amongst padstow's cute collection of houses and my dog also makes his debut amongst them. Red has been a key colour for me this season as I find it suits every skin tone and easily makes an outfit appear more stylish with the bright pop of colour, this is also not the last time we will be seeing this thrifted Calvin Klein denim skirt...

I am slightly ashamed to say this is still not the last sighting of the denim skirt, however it shows that I have taken my own advice from my first ever blog post, you can pack light and still keep your outfits varied! this leopard print jumper t-shirt is a lovely hand-me-down from my mum which I feel will be fantastic layered on top of pieces, underneath and even worn alone as we transition into the cold cold depths of autumn.

Day Four:

This is the last sighting of my denim skirt I promise, but what can I say, it was a good price !

charity shop searching around penzance ended up being a surprisingly warm task so I donned my most versatile piece this summer, my boob tube from Primark, ( I know ) as paired with hoops it is an easy outfit to transition for cocktails, but we just went to a fish and chip shop...

Day Five

The fifth and final day saw me eventually getting my cow nottingham summer dress out after getting fake tan all over it 2 days prior and having to emergency wash it in our air bnb , unsurprisingly I sported my doc marten sandals again, and my new favourite sale buy jacket from boohoo (again, I know) as I haven't had time to wear my summer dress enough this season expect to see it layered all autumn winter!

also , peep my dog !

word of wisdom from me:

mix your patterns!

p.s here's a horse

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Molly x


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