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Recently, I have had the pleasure of diving head first into some behind the scenes experiences within the fashion industry alongside the other members of my society; Circle MCR, as we have volunteered at both liverpool and manchester fashion week.

Let me tell you what it was like...

Liverpool Fashion Week: Winter Showcase was held at the 'British Music Experience'. This was the first 'fashion week' or even fashion show I have attended as a dresser. I found that entering into a fast paced but also sometimes loosely organised event meant that although it was initially stressful, it also forced us to use our own initiative and to organise ourselves.

For example, there was 8 of us that attended from our society to help, and around 5 designer's collections that needed dressing onto the models, so we split off into a person per collection to hang and re dress models with 2 people taking on a 'running'' role that allowed communication between departments.

Next was Manchester Fashion Week, this event was run by the same team as Liverpool, however we had more of a leadership role here, for example, along with dressing we also were in charge of running, ordering the models and familiarising ourselves with the models prior to the show to ensure they were best fitted in their outfits.

overall I feel that I gained valuable real-life experience from attending these two events and taking on a more back stage approach. I learnt how to handle myself well under pressure whilst also creating my own plan for an event to ensure that everything ran smoothly without being prompted.

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