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Hungary In Outfits

In the middle of June I went to Budapest, Hungary with all intentions of capturing every outfit i wore. however a few things stopped this, first being it was approximately 34 degrees most days, and I stupidly packed t-shirts and got so sunburnt that I looked like a beetroot for 90% of the trip, but heres some outfits that made it into my photographs.

In this outfit, on day 1 I went with a bold pop of colour that also allowed my legs to breathe , as we only travelled with hand luggage and I stupidly took up half of that space with t-shirts and jeans for ' just in case' (mum im looking at you for that encouragement) I did go for a slight red theme throughout.

This is sounding eerily similar to my last post! at least im consistent, one bold colour through out is key.

For this trip I took only two pairs of shoes, a white pair and a black pair, two neutrals that go with everything

I felt that particularly with this outfit, as the skirt, from primark, had a 'flippy' drape to it which made it quite dressy, that by adding trainers, particularly my air force one's it made it easier to navigate a city for extended periods of time whilst also reflecting more of my style.

outfit two features a simple cami dress from primark also , this dress has a black and mustard line running through it , I wore this dress as we explored heroes square , enjoyed fruity ice pops and also transitioned it to work for our meal at night.

to me dresses are perfect for holidays , particularly if the weather is going to be hot, however they can also be layered with t-shirts and jackets if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

overall this day was one of my most comfy!

the penultimate outfit is another hint towards my apparent love for red this season , as my nails and graphic details of the t-shirt match ( just trust me the t-shirt has red) )

here is jess, my travelling companion this trip who also got the accidental red memo,

this outfit consists of my t-shirt from the designer Dayna Murphy, which is now unfortunately sold out however check out more of her stuff here

and a simple black stretchy denim skirt from miss guided, top tip if your irk with typical denim skirts is that gaping around your waist that I always encounter, opting for a stretchy style allows it to hug your body more comfortably!

sidetone: you will notice the sudden appearance of t-shirts, this is due to the horrific sunburn i encountered that I do not wish to show the world.

And here is my final and also favourite outfit of this trip, although the addition of the t-shirt was used only to cover the burns it did infact make my outfit both more on trend and slightly more casual as for our final night we ate at a restaurant outside that certainly did not have a fancy dress code,

here is another example of me loving cami dresses for their versatile ability to be turned into multiple different outfits and looks,

maybe a velvet fabric wasn't the most sensible choice but sometimes the instagram content is worth it !

i paired this nasty gal dress with a simple ribbed t-shirt from top shop to again match my comfy trainers!

P.s if you're ever in Budapest go to Anjuna , suitable for every diet !

So that was me sharing with you a few of my outfits from my first trip to Budapest, Hungary.

maybe this post was just so I could selfishly reminisce on one of the most lovely holidays I've ever been on!

word of wisdom from me ( to past me )

always photograph your outfits whilst on holiday, it takes two seconds and could make great content one day , like now.

Molly x


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