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How to pack light: 5 outfits 3 items

The three items : Jeans T-shirt and Dress

It's summer, who knows what you have planned, whether its a mini break, a spontaneous trip or even a few nights at your grandma's house, this post has you covered in terms of packing light and getting the most out of your items of clothing, and even if you aren't leaving your house,

I hope it provides you with possible new ways to revamp your old favourites.

Below contains, 3 items of clothing ( and an optional 4th ) being transformed into 5 outfits (well and a few extras) this means you would be sorted for a typical 2 night, 3 day vacay,

I've gone for a colour theme with these outfits, specifically with the added accessories as this will instantly bring each outfit together if all of the accessories match

matchy-matchy accessories

Here's the lowdown, I added these few accessories because they're versatile, they will go with every single outfit and you can wear them all at once to minimise space in your luggage, now lets introduce the clothes.


Sunglasses : originally primark but have linked similar

Earrings : also primark but have linked similar


a t-shirt is always a staple piece and by choosing a t-shirt that features your chosen colour scheme, whilst also being a neutral this allows for maximum use in all outfits.

here are some options of a perfect t-shirt to choose:



Bottom- (actual t-shirt past season but check out the website)

sidenote: support indépendant brands!

the second item is jeans: specifically wide leg light wash denim jeans, an absolute staple

these jeans are from primark at £15 (think they still have them in stock)

but I've linked to some similar topshop ones that are on sale if you don't have primark near your

finally a dress, so versatile

this dress is now sold out on missguided so heres a few alternatives:

(most similar)

well, finally finally the optional, simple, slightly dressy mini top

this one is also sold out but a similar one has been linked and I also saw a sequinned version of this in the Zara sale for £9.99 that I wish I purchased!

Now onto the outfits...

as a rule of thumb, even if not pictured, each accessory is intended to be worn with each outfit,

also my personal shoe of choice is nike air force 1's,

for me the white trainer both matches the t-shirt and is a neutral colour but also,

if you don't have room to pack a more 'dressy' shoe for night time i feel that a white trainer is less bulky and more subtle than a black one.

Outfit 1- Day Time

graphic t-shirt and jeans , comfortable and perfect for travelling

Outfit 2 - Night Time

utilising the amount of items means wearing the dress alone is a perfect outfit choice

Outfit 3 - Day Time

mix and match - layering a dress on top of a t-shirt with matching trainers dresses down a look instantly

Outfit 4 - Night Time

there are many options with this look;

- re wearing the dress alone,

- adding a belt to the dress, creating an entirely new silhouette and 'toughening' it up

- if the dress is short enough , this also creates an option to tie it up and pair with the wide leg jeans.

- and finally a current trend that has been emerging for the past few months is to layer dresses and tunic lengths over jeans , therefore if you're feeling bold why not layer the two?

- Finally, if you just don't like the sound of any of those options, here's where the optional fourth item is introduced, as the top is so thin this means that it will easily fit into your luggage.

Outfit 5 - Day Time

finally the last outfit, a comfortable one again which would be perfect for travel.

there are also multiple ways to wear this outfit, simply leaving the t-shirt loose over the dress allows a comfortable on trend look, whilst also a slightly more 'put together' way of wearing this combo is to tie the shirt up in the front, another trend that is increasingly more popular with graphic t-shirts.

There we have my guide to packing lightly and utilising the garments that you own,

and whats even better it all fits perfectly into a tote bag.

words of wisdom from me - why not colour co-ordinate your holiday read with a classic - the bloody chamber, Angela Carter

Molly x


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