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How and why i'm trying to be more sustainable - fashion

Just a warning , this one is a rambly write-y one!

its also something I think im mostly using to keep myself held accountable

(the pictures featured are some of my favourite sale/second hand finds)

You may or may not have noticed that I very rarely post links to the items of clothing that feature

on my posts, and if anything I tend to link similar. This is because, for the past few years it seems that I have unintentionally been trying to save money and be more sustainable with my fashion, which has resulted in me buying from sales/charity or vintage shops which are alas, unlinkable.

shorts - thrift shop manchester £6

I do feel that also more recently I, along with seemingly the rest of world have clicked on that we can't keep treating the environment like its disposable,because its not (unlike those pesky plastic straws)

due to this I have been trying to purposefully be more sustainable and conscious with my fashion, heres what I've been doing;

shoes- depop converse £13

1. trying to wait a period of 3 months before investing in purchases, keeping note

of how many times I think 'oh THOSE trainers would be fantastic today' before just going and buying them, i'm aware of how much I will use a product, I am more likely to buy investment instead of 'trend' led pieces.

2. I have been willing to spend slightly more on more investment pieces. similar to point 1. However this also helps for the saving money aspect, this also reduces the amount of money I am giving to the fast fashion business and the more unethical companies.

top- pull and bear sale £7

3. another very important one , is that I am trying to simply downsize the sheer amount of STUFF

that is crammed in my wardrobe, I physically see how much i don't use of my clothing. and how excessive i am, to aid this process I have also introduced a one in one out system, the concept is easy , if I buy a pair of shoes, I get rid of a pair !

4. one of the most effective ways I have reduced the amount of clothing I buy is by waiting until i 'need' something to seek it out, I only scroll through the internet and browse endless shops when theres an occasion for it , you can't spend if you can't see!

skirt - cow vintage - calvin klein £25

a few extra top tips from yours truly

. turn email notifications off from brands, those sale announcements will tempt you!

. watch some documentaries/research that will make you think more about the way you consume fashion ;

the true cost

the machinists

. also don't feel too guilty if you buy a new jacket from topshop one day, just maybye give the old jacket at the back of your wardbrobe to charity when you get back, everything in moderation.

word of wisdom from me:

be kind to yourself when trying to be more sustainable, as a society we are surrounded by consumerism,every positive choice helps.

p.s always look on the £1 rails in charity shops

Molly x


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