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Festival Fashion

Having attended a few festivals over the years, and also with the increase of posts on social media it feels that each festival has a theme, or even a vibe, if you will, this has inspired me to have a chat ( with myself ) about what I think about this.

I noticed this particularly at Parklife festival, which is based in Manchester, as am I with University, there seemed to be a lot of buzz around the way everyone was expected to dress, with glitter and gems and glitz, but I wondered, did I only get this 'memo' because i lived close by?

we all seemed to get the memo to include at least a hint of shimmer

As soon as you stepped foot in the festival it was obvious that sequins and gems were the way to go , and I was definitely not surprised when I saw a gyspy shrine stall set up right next to the main stage.

However a few weeks after returning from Parklife i decided to buy a ticket to Citadel , a festival in London ,that in all honestly I only planned to attend because of their headliner, tame impala.

I did find difficulty when trying to pick my outfit, not knowing where to start or even which stores to look at for inspiration. But with Parklife I remembered stumbling on a silver denim mini skirt at the start of june on boohoo and knowing instantly that was my starting point.

Ultimately I ended up going for a fun yet 'safe' option for citadel, leopard print flares, found in the summer top shop sale with black and red accompaniments

As I didn't notice a theme in particular I decided to take photographs of the selection of people i attended with and discuss each of their outfits to show the variety and uniqueness within looks.

Dress- Topshop

First being Amy, if this outfit screams a season, it's summer, the simplicity of wearing a dress is perfect for festivals as it requires little to no planning and instantly appears that you have made a lot of effort. The thin, transparent material of this dress was perfect for the 30 degree weather, and this piece can easily be used outside of the festival for an everyday outfit.

The black accessories also portray the less feminine aspect of Amy's style and ultimately inject


Trousers - L-R Topshop & Blue Rinse

Next are Beth and Becky, although containing similar colours,both outfits stand out in totally different ways.

Beth's (Left) ultimately hints at a taste of glam rock for me personally, with the neutral colour palette being bedazzled with the silk scarf, star earrings , appliqué trousers and cowboy boots.

Without even mentioning the orange tinted glasses, this look is already giving off major personality and is worn effortlessly well, the bright white trousers acting as a base colour for the other components but also the stand out piece of the outfit.

The bright blue trousers of Becky's (Right) look for me are perfect for a festival, particularly a hot one as they are a looser fit than of a skinny or even flared trouser and are also comfortable to be wearing for 12+ hours in a day whereas another style may not be,

The other components of this outfit fit perfectly with the look as although are mostly neutral in colour they stand out against each other.

Dress- Uniqlo

Finally are Emily and Joel, coincidentally or not their outfits fit perfectly together in both colour palette and fabric wise.

Joel (Left) is sporting an outfit that can be seen as a classic for a festival , the thin loose shirt in a bold colour and pattern is the stand out piece for this outfit as it adds personality whilst also working with the 30 degree weather and fits well with Emily's dress.

The dress that Emily ( right) is wearing, is a perfect piece for the whole of summer, and even winter if adapted , as i believe that no matter how an outfit for a festival looks, if its going to be thrown out straight after its not an outfit that i can justify buying.

The thin material paired with the loose silhouette allows the wearer to be cooler whilst the style and colour is very on trend and the church boots from Doc Martens toughens the look up.

Over all each person i photographed, including myself and the other people i saw around me were dressed differently, so no matter what festival you're going to, even if you get the memo of what you're expected to wear ignore it and wear whats comfortable for you.

And words of wisdom from me: if the weather is forecast 30 degrees don't take a black PVC jacket in your bag "just incase"

Molly x


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p.s @electricalblooom was also there x

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