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come thrift shopping with me in cornwall!

Firstly i would like to address the elephant in the room, i know that in england we don't say thrifting but 'charity shop shopping' just seemed a bit long winded, anyway...

Whilst on holiday in cornwall last week I finally had time to create a bit of content, following on from my last post in which I declared my mission towards being more sustainable I decided to check out the charity shops in cornwall to see if I could find some cool second hand bits, and that I did.

Firstly I will show you the ones that got away, you know when you tell your self you don't need to buy an item, discard it , then think about it for a week afterwards? I have a couple of those!

Overall I found that it was fairly easy to spot name brand items in charity shops, which is dependant on location, for example at home in Derbyshire I have found legitimate Dolce and Gabbana items in charity shops in bakewell for four pounds, if you know where to shop you're already onto a winner.

Generally I found that cornwall hospice care throughout many different towns resembled a typical high street shop the most and that they sold lots of new and locally crafted homeware items such as the fabric rugs and potted plants, however i'm still distraught I left behind a twilight mug and a jls cd.

Now onto an item im contemplating a 6 hour drive back to collect

over the past year or so I have noticed oxfam vintage shops and a vintage section on their website and in this oxfam shop in Truro I spotted this fantastic camisole that could easily be layered into day wear , but unfortunately left it behind.

now onto the products I actually purchased.

For many of these items I saw them, thought about them and then went back to buy them, this is one of my new approaches to shopping , check out my last post to hear more about that,

My favourite purchase is the primary colour hand bag as it is totally spacious inside and will add a pop of colour to any outfit, it also came with some free hong kong coins so this bag has actually travelled further than I have in the world.

Overall I feel the my relationship with shopping is so much more enjoyable now I am limiting (not going cold turkey) with fast fashion and instead shopping locally, independently and second hand as each purchase feels like an adventure, and I hope I entice you to do the same , I'll finish this off with some of my favourite holiday pictures

word of wisdom from me:

take pictures of pretty houses

p.s whats your favourite second hand/locally purchased product you have?

let me know on insta @molmuzsla

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Molly x


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