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5 tips: how to wear flares if you're short

Today I present to you possibly one of the most important piece of advice that I own, how to wear flares if you're short, I would like to preface this article by saying my overall piece of advice is to just do it! whether you're 4ft2 or 8ft2 if you wanna wear the flares, wear them , but if you want a bit more detail, read on...

Top tips:

1. be confident, as stated previously this is the most important factor in wearing something that may be new to you, just put them on , leave the house and never look back.

2. If at all possible try and buy your flares from the petite section, I will admit, sometimes you just fall in love with a pair and buy them in 'regular' but if possible, give yourself a fighting chance, many highstreet brands now have petite sections for a lot of their styles of clothing such as topshop, boohoo and asos, with asos also recently covering more varied clothing for men too!

3. another tip, whether you've managed to get them in the petite section or not, is that a shoe with a chunky sole or even a platform will help to elongate your legs, this doesn't have to be a heel though, as chunky trainers are so on trend at the minute you can easily pick up a pair from any high street store such as these (they're even on sale) I mean, the Balenciaga triple s are the goal but not so much on a student budget.

4. another tip to create the illusion of a longer frame, no matter where you're short , is to pair a crop top or a shorter cut with flares, if you're not comfortable showing full mid-rif, a top that simply cuts off at the waist band on the trousers will create a small space which adds length to the torso, this can also be helped by pairing a different colour shoe to the trousers, which also allows a gap which adds length to the body, for example an all black outfit will always look timeless but if you add a red sock and belt in there , you might look 2 inches taller.

5. one of the most important tips is, if you're branching into flares, particularly if you're new to them is to wear them with previous items that make you feel comfortable, if you enjoy a more formal look, pair them with a soft patterned blouse and a pop of colour on your shoes, but if you're into a more ' edgy' look why not pair with an oversized, graphic t-shirt which will create a soft silhouette that will keep you comfortable and falls totally on trend with sportswear and the revival of the 90's.

A final note is that particularly when trying out a new style, the first thing you try might not be the best fit , try a few different fabrics, fits and experiment with your style!

word of wisdom from me: leopard print is acceptable in every situation

word of wisdom to the weather: please rain, look how dead my grass is!

Molly x


would love to hear your feedback slidin into my DM's

Photographs taken by my mum, who has not YET branched out to instagram, baby steps.

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