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presenting an 

idea to a client


after creating the promotional video as the development

from the first branding workshop, the next task was to create a presentation to pitch a client on our brand, we prepared for this by looking back on past moodboards and notes we had taken and begun planning for the presentation 




we split responsibilities after organising our notes and decided what we needed to cover. this also included helping each other to ensure that we hit the presentation deadline. the final outcome for this workshop was the presentation below, in which we discussed our brand, the concept and how we would promote it.

in reflection of this workshop, i feel that our brand strongly represents the person, Morrissey, however if we were to do the presentation again we should work on:

1. planning deeper what to say to ensure all the information is given across to the client

2.add a slide introducing morrissey as a person and to not assume the client knows anything prior to the presentation.

3. to discuss further how we would promote the brand in terms of out of home, billboards, social media etc.




to develop from the presentation we created for our brand on morrissey, i have decided to create another brand called 'styled'. i decided to create this brand as i knew that i wanted to focus on tailoring and formal wear and harry styles was the first well known person that i thought of when thinking of formal wear , which i felt meant many others would recognise the connection. whereas wilted was all about the person, 'styled' is instead inspired by the lifestyle of a person , with the person himself funding it. 'styled' is a personal shopping experience that creates tailor made loungewear for consumers that is inspired by the suits and tailoring wore by harry styles. this whole service is designed to make bold clothing purchases fun and exciting to the customer, whilst adapting the retail experience to be more personal to each purchase, i have struggled slightly with this brand to incorporate the person without making the whole brand too centered about them to ensure the consumers will not just be their own fans. 

to create a campaign to promote this brand, i plan to shoot a lookbook/video based in natural, grand surroundings that focuses entirely on the products but also the fun, caring nature of the brand.


to promote the brand 'styled.' further i created a short promotional video. i decided to make the video free of text, meaning people would have to click through to find out more about the brand, to create mystery, and also i ensured that the first 5 seconds was fast paced to grab viewers attention if it was placed for example; before a youtube video that can be skipped at 5 seconds.




the styling for this video , which was shot outside a stately home looking building, was dressed up, and made the loungewear look more like a suit, this is because i am aiming that brand at a more luxury market rather than a typical campaign for sleepwear which would often feature a bedroom setting.


the song choice is from harry styles debut album, however i chose a lesser known song to again ensure that the brand was about the luxury loungewear than about harry himself. 


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